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  1、A Study on Loneliness in The Scarlet Letter红字中孤独因素的研究

  2、Ambiguity Used in Advertising Language歧义句在广告中的应用

  3、an Analysis of the Main Characters' Symbolic Meaning in Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter浅析霍桑《红字》中主要人物角色的象征意义

  4、An Analysis?on Critical Realism in Vanity Fair浅析《名利场》中的批判现实主义

  5、Cultural Differences of Universities between China and Western Countries中西方大学校园文化的差异

  6、Different Cultures Reflected from the Shoe-throwing--Taking the Flying Shoe Incident of George W. Bush and WenJiabao as an Example鞋子扔出的文化差异--以布什和温家宝遭遇扔鞋为例

  7、Durbin Image in Edgar Allan Poe's Works埃德加·爱伦坡笔下的《杜宾形象》

  8、The Necessity of Affective Teaching in Junior Middle School English Classroom初中英语课堂情感教学的必要性

  9、An Analysis of Realism Embodied in O. Henry's Works浅析欧亨利作品中的现实主义

  10、A Brief Analysis of Gothic Elements in Wuthering Heights简析《呼啸山庄》中的哥特式元素

  11、A Brief Analysis of the American Food Culture浅析美国饮食文化

  12、A Brief Analysis of the Impact of Cultural Differences on Foreign Policies Between China and America浅析文化差异对中美外交政策的影响

  13、A Brief Analysis Of The Influence Of Chinese Culture On English Vocabulary浅谈中国社会文化对英语词汇的影响

  14、A Brief Analysis of the Influences of the Westward Movement on American Spirit浅析西进运动对美国精神的影响

  15、A Brief Analysis Of The Spirit Of Freedom Based On The Last Of The Mohicans浅析《最后的莫西干人》中的自由主义精神

  16、A Brief Analysis of the Symbolism in Wuthering Heights简析《呼啸山庄》中的象征主义

  17、A Brief Study of Conversion in Translation浅析翻译技巧之转换法

  18、A Brief Study Of Symbolism In The Litlle Prince浅析《小王子》中的象征主义

  19、A Brief Study of The Influence on Gender Relations Exerted by Gay Marriage同性婚姻对两性关系的冲击

  20、A Brief Study of?Cultural Diversities in Anlmal Words浅析动物词汇中所包含的东西方文化差异

  21、A Brief?Comparative Study Between?Advertisements English and News Headlines English广告英语与新闻标题英语之简要对比

  22、A Comparative Analysis Between Chinese and Western??? Gift-giving Culture中西方送礼文化的对比分析

  23、A Comparative Analysis on the Two Chinese Versions of Jane Eyre《简爱》两个中译本的比较分析

  24、A Comparative Study of Charlotte Bronte and Emily Bronte(新)夏洛特·勃朗特与艾米丽·勃朗特文学作品的比较研究

  25、A Comparative Study of Chinese and English Family Names From a Cultural Perspective中英姓氏文化对比研究

  26、A comparative study of natural images in thePotries of Wordsworth and TaoYuanming论华兹华斯与陶渊明诗歌中的自然意象

  27、A Comparative Study of Revenge in Wuthering Heights and Hamlet呼啸山庄和哈姆雷特中复仇的对比研究

  28、A Comparative Study of William wordsworth and Guo moruo关于华兹华斯与郭沫若的对比研究

  29、A Comparative Study on the Cultural Connotations of Plant-Related Words in English and Chinese英汉植物词汇文化内涵比较

  30、A Comparison of Liu's and Gao's Translation of Essays of Elia--Analysis of 《Poor Relatives》 and 《Dream Children: A Reverrie》刘炳善高建译《伊利亚文集》比较谈--析《梦中儿女》和《穷亲戚》两篇

  31、A Comparison of the Chinese and Western Culture from the Perspective of Euphemism从英汉委婉语看中西文化异同

  32、A Comparison of the Connotation of Animal Words between English and Chinese(新)英汉动物词汇文化内涵比较

  33、A Comparison of?Romantic Styles in the Poems of Li Bai and Walter Whitman李白与惠特曼诗歌浪漫主义元素比较

  34、A Contrastive Study of Perspective of Life and Death between China and Western Countries中西方生死观的比较研究

  35、A Cultural Approach to American Spirit in NBANBA里的美国精神

  36、A Feminist Approach to The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot(新)乔治?艾略特《弗洛斯河上的磨房》的女性主义解读

  37、A Journey of Black Female's Self-discovery--From The Coulor Purple to Their Eyes Were Watching God从《紫色》到《凝望上帝》--黑人女性的一段自我发现之旅

  38、A Lexical and Cultural Study of New Netspeak--What is Behind 《给力》 and 《Gelivable》基于词汇学和文化角度的网络新词研究

  39、A Mirror of Human Nature(An Analysis of Lord of the Flies)人性的镜子(分析《蝇王》)

  40、A Preliminary Study of Brand Name Translation浅谈品牌名称的翻译

  41、A Preliminary Study on Translation of Tourist Attractions in Weihai小译威海旅游景点翻译

  42、A Simple Analysis on Tea Culture Differences Between China and Britain浅析中英茶文化的差异

  43、A Study of the Acculturation of Chinese Overseas Students in the United States在美中国留学生文化适应研究

  44、A study of the Pragmatic Functions of Humor浅谈幽默的语用功能

  45、A Study on How to Arouse the Enthusiasm of Middle School Students in English Class关于如何调动中学生英语课堂积极性的研究

  46、A Study on Principles and Methods of Chinese Political Terms Translation关于中国政治术语翻译的原则和方法的研究

  47、A Study on the Characteristics of Children Literature Translation--From the Analysis of Andersen's Fairy Tales从《安徒生童话》看儿童文学翻译的特点

  48、A Survey on The Expressions of The Gender Equality in Finland关于芬兰男女平等表现的调查

  49、A Tentative Analysis on Cultural Default and Countermeasures in Chinese Idiom Translation浅析汉语成语英译中的文化缺失现象及应对策略

  50、A Tentative Analysis on the Chinglish Popularity Phenomenon in China浅析中国流行的中式英语现象

  51、A Tentative Study of the Causes of Chinglish and Solutions中式英语的成因及对策研究

  52、A Tentative Study of?William Wordsworth's View on Childhood(新)浅析威廉·华兹华斯的儿童观

  53、A毕业设计题目选题 Tentative Study on Classroom English(新)浅论英语课堂用语

  54、A Tentative Study on the Individualism in America浅谈美国的个人主义

  55、A Tentative Study on the Pragmatic Function of English Euphemism试论英语委婉语的语用功能

  56、A Tentative Study on the Style and Translation Strategies of Product Instructions试论商品说明书的文体风格和翻译策略

  57、A Tentative Study on the Themes of A Passage to India by E.M Forster爱·摩 福斯特《印度之行》的主题浅谈

  58、A view on the feminism translation strategies -- L. Letters from an Other for instance浅析女性主义翻译策略及其评价--以译本另一个人的来信为例

  59、A?Brief Analysis of the Pedantic Inclination in the Oral Expression of Chinese Students浅析中国学生口语表达中的书面化倾向

  60、American Hippies and Rock &am经济管理类论文题目p; Roll in 1960s20世纪60年代美国的嬉皮士与摇滚乐

  61、American Values Reflected from American Foreign Policy从美国的外交政策看美国人的价值观

  62、American Values Revealed in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz绿野仙踪中所体现出的美国价值观

  63、An Analysis of American Consumerism(新)浅析美国消费主义

  64、An Analysis of Characters in Sister Carrie《嘉利妹妹》中的人物分析

  65、An Analysis of Chinese Culture in Ezra·Pound's Poem(新)埃兹拉·庞德作品中中国元素的分析

  66、An Analysis of Chinglish from a Linguistic and Cultural Perspective从语言文化角度浅析中国式英语

  67、An Analysis of Family Education in?Pride and Prejudice论《傲慢与偏见》中的家庭教育

  68、An Analysis of How Humorous Effect Is Achieved in English Language--from the Perspective of Linguistics从语言学角度分析英语语言中幽默效果的实现方式

  69、An Analysis of Humanity in Lord of Flies〈蝇王〉中的人性解读

  70、An Analysis of Metaphor in Advertisements浅析广告中的隐喻

  71、An Analysis of Rhetorical Features in?Obama's Speeches奥巴马演讲的修辞分析

  72、An Analysis of Rhetorics in Advertisement(新)广告英语中的修辞

  73、An Analysis of the Image of Buck in The Call of the Wild(新)《野性的呼唤》中巴克的形象分析

  74、An Analysis of the New Female Image of Jane Eyre简爱的新女性形象分析

  75、An analysis of the origin and the develement of the detective novels in America--from Edgar Allan Poe to Ellery Queen浅析美国侦探小说的产生与发展--从埃德加·艾伦·坡到艾勒里·奎因

  76、An Analysis of the Pursuit of Beauty in John Keats's Poetry(新)分析约翰·济慈诗歌中对美的追求

  77、An Analysis of the Rhetorical Devices used in English Advertisements英语广告语言修辞探析

  78、An Analysis of the Unique Charm of Rhetoric in Advertising English浅析广告英语中修辞的独特魅力

  79、An Analysis of Vocabulary Remembering in Middle School浅析中学英语词汇的记忆

  80、An Analysis of?Cultural and social Factors in the Development of E-Commerce in China中国电子商务发展制约因素中文化和社会因素分析

  81、An Analysis on the Tragic Destiny of the Hero in The Catcher in the Rye(新)浅析《麦田里的守望者》中主人公的悲剧命运

  82、An Analysis on the Translation of Chinese Food--From the Perspective of Foreignization and Domestication从异化与归化谈中国菜名翻译

  83、An Ecofeminist Reading of Jane Eyre从生态女性主义角度解读《简·爱》

  84、An Exploration into Internet Development and Internet New English Words Appearance网络发展与网络英语新词语探析

  85、An Inquiry into Chinese-English Translation Skills and Methods of Political and Economic News政经新闻汉译英翻译方法与技巧探究

  86、An Inspiration of?Languge Transfer on English Teaching in Senior School(新)语言迁移对高中英语教学的启示

  87、Analysis of Chinese and Western Culture in Charity(新)分析中西方慈善文化

  88、Analysis of Escape Motif in Moby Dick大白鲸中逃避主题的分析

  89、Analysis of Euphemism and Taboo in both English and Chinese Daily Life浅析中英生活中的委婉语和禁忌语

  90、Analysis of the Differences Between Chinese and Western Concept of Privacy中西方隐私观差异探析

  91、Analysis of the English Humor Caused by the Application of Figures of Speech修辞格运用引起的英语幽默现象浅析

  92、Analysis of the Theme of Evil in William Golding's Lord of the Flies探析威廉。戈尔丁《蝇王》中的性恶论

  93、Analysis on the Tragic Inevitability of Shylock-Viewed from the Aspects of the Religion and Social Reality从宗教与社会现实角度分析夏洛克悲剧结局的必然性

  94、Arbitrariness and Conventionality of English(新)英语语言的任意性和规约性

  95、Awakening and Resistance: On the Feministic Consciousness in A Thousand Splendid Suns觉醒与抗争--论《灿烂千阳》中的女性意识

  96、BBC's history and Its Influence on British SocietyBBC的历史及其对英国社会的影响

  97、Beautiful Women-Analysis of Female Characters inThe Merchant of Venice魅力女性-简析《威尼斯商人》中的女性角色

  98、Brief Analysis of Coincidences in Oliver Twist浅析《雾都孤儿》情节的巧合

  99、Characteristics of Magic Realism Represented in Beloved《宠儿》中体现的魔幻现实主义特色

  100、Children's Education of American Parents from the Perspective of Desperate Housewives从《绝望的主妇》看美国家长对子女的教育

  101、Cltural Background Knowledge Lead in in Colleage English Teaching大学英语教学中的文化知识背景导入

  102、Comparative study of William Wordsworth and Tao Yuanming威廉姆华兹华斯与陶渊明之比较研究

  103、Continuance of Mistranslation翻译中的《误译》延续现象

  104、contrastive study of Chinese collectivism and western individualism on table culture中国集体主义与西方个人主义的对比研究:以餐桌文化为例

  105、Critical Comments on Translation of Tea Desserts of Beijing《关于周作人<北京的茶食>的翻译评论》

  106、Critical Realism in Running for Governor批判现实主义在《竞选州长》中的体现

  107、Critical Realism in The Apple Tree《苹果树》中的批判现实主义

  108、Cultural Comparison of Names between the Chinese and Westerners(新)中西姓名文化比较分析

  109、Cultural Differences between China and America Reflected from Totem从图腾崇拜看中美文化差异

  110、Cultural Differences Between Chinese and Western Festivals浅谈中西方节日文化差异

  111、Cultural Differences from the Perception of Chinese and Western Movies从中西电影中浅析中西文化差异

  112、Cultural Differences of Polite Expressions?between Chinese and English汉英礼貌用语的文化差异

  113、Cultural Interpretation and English Idiom Translation文化解读与英语习语翻译

  114、D.H. Lawrence's Ecologism in The RainbowD.H.劳伦斯的生态观在《虹》里面的体现

  115、Differences Between Chinese and American on the Relations in Family Members浅析中国家庭成员关系与美国之差异

  116、Differences Between Chinese and Western Humor From the Perspective of Social Cultural从社会文化角度看中西幽默的差异

  117、Different Translation of Characters in Two Versions of Dream in Red Mansion浅谈人物性格在红楼梦两个译本中的不同体现

  118、Different Viewpiont of Consumption Between Chinese and American中美消费观之差异比较

  119、Discussion on the Qualities of English Teachers in Middle School论中学英语教师的素养

  120、Domestication and Foreignization in Translating English Subtitles英文字幕翻译中的归化与异化

  121、English Vocabulary Teaching Strategies in Primary School小学英语词汇教学策略

  122、Equivalence of Culture Message and the Translation of Chinese Trademarks文化信息对等与汉语商标翻译

  123、Existentialism in The Sun Also Rises从存在主义分析《太阳照常升起》

  124、Exploring realistic meaning of Vanity Fair through male characters从男主人公看《名利场》的现实意义

  125、Factors Influencing Writing of Diagram Compositions of High School Students and Counter Measures高中图表作文中的问题及解决措施

  126、Female Survivalism in Gone with the Wind论飘中的女性生存意识

  127、Flexibility in Translating Movie Subtitles翻译电影字幕的灵活性

  128、Flexible Approaches of Translating Names in Literature--A Case Study on Yu Guangzhong's Translation of The Importance of Being Earnest浅析文学作品中人物姓名翻译的标准与变通?? --以余光中译《不可儿戏》为例

  129、Freedom and Peace--On the Naturalism of Henry David Thoreau and Tao Yuanming自由与宁静--论梭罗和陶渊明的自然主义

  130、Glasslike Heart- an Analysis of Laura as an Escapist in The Glass Menagerie(新)玻璃心- 浅析玻璃动物园中劳拉作为逃避者的形象

  131、Gothic Complex in Frankenstein哥特式情结在《弗兰肯斯坦》中的体现

  132、Gothic Features in Wuthering Heights呼啸山庄中的哥特式手法

  133、Group Work and the Role of Teacher in English Learning in Junior Middle School初中英语学习中的小组学习及教师角色定位

  134、Hedonism in The Picture of Dorian Gray《道雷格林画像》中的享乐主义

  135、Hemingway's Individual Heroism Embodied in The Old Man And The Sea?海明威的个人英雄主义在老人与海中的体现

  136、How to Improve Middle School Students' Interest in Learning Oral English如何提高中学生英语口语学习的兴趣

  137、How to Improve the Students' Initiative in Groupwork怎样在合作教学中提高学生的积极性

  138、How to Stimulate High School Students' Interest in English Learning《如何激发中学生学习英语的兴趣》

  139、Humanism in The Merchant of?Venice《威尼斯商人》中的人文主义

  140、Image Translation in Mao Zedong's Poems谈毛泽东诗词中意象的翻译

  141、Influence of Cultural Differences on Commercial Negotiations Between China and U.S浅析中美文化差异对商业谈判的影响

  142、Interactive Teaching Strategies in Middle School English Class初中英语课堂互动教学策略

  143、James Thurber and Humor in His Works从詹姆斯?瑟伯作品中探析幽默

  144、Laurence's Outlook of Marriage Reflected in the Rainbow劳伦斯《虹》中反映的婚姻观

  145、Love's Martyr--An Analysis of Oscar Wilde's The Nightingale and the Rose爱的殉道者--浅析奥斯卡·王尔德《夜莺与玫瑰》

  146、Making the Teaching Contents of Senior English Keep Pace with Time Changing让高中英语教学内容与时俱进

  147、Marriage Value of American Upper Class in the Later 19 Century--On the Novel The Age of Innocence从《纯真年代》看19世纪末美国上流社会婚姻观

  148、Marriage Values of the Traditional and Modern Women as Reflected in Emma从《爱玛》透视传统女性与现代女性婚姻观差异

  149、National Character Reflected in the British and American Clothing Culture英美服饰文化体现的民族个性

  150、Naturalism in Maggie: A Girl of the Streets《街头女孩麦琪》中的自然主义

  151、Negative Influences of Violent and Erotic Elements in American Movies to Chinese Adolescent美国电影中暴力、色情成分对中国青少年的负面影响

  152、On Alienation of Modern People in The Catcher in the Rye从《麦田守望者》看现代人的异化

  153、On Avoiding Chinglish Teaching in English Beginners' Study英语基础教育阶段对汉式英语教学的规避

  154、On Babies' English Education--How to Arouse Students' Interest论幼儿英语教育--如何引起学生兴趣

  155、On Black Humor in Cat's Cradle通过猫的摇篮看黑色幽默

  156、On Characters in Henry Fielding's Tom Jones论菲尔丁《汤姆。琼斯》中的人物分析

  157、On Confucianism Reflected in Thoreau's Walden梭罗的瓦尔登湖反映出的儒家思想

  158、On Conversion between Parts of Speech in Translation from Nida's Functional Equivalence从奈达的功能等值理论浅析翻译中的词性转换

  159、On Differences Between Chinese and Western Food Cultures论中西饮食文化差异

  160、On Differences in Opinion of Privacy between China and Western Countries中西方隐私观的差异

  161、On differences of Elementary Education between China and Western Countries.浅谈中西方小学教育的文化差异

  162、On Eliza's Ethical Identity in Pygmalion论卖花女中伊莉莎的伦理身份

  163、On English-Chinese Trademark Translation from the Perspective of Culture Differences从文化差异看英汉商标翻译

  164、On Existentialixm in The French Lieutnantl's Woman论《法国中尉的女人》中表现的存在主义

  165、On feminism in Gone with the Wind解读《飘》中的女性主义

  166、On Improving Middle School Students' Pronounciation in Oral English Teaching如何在中学英语口语教学中提高学生语音水平

  167、On Improving?Vocabulary Instruction in Highschool English Reading Class谈高中英语阅读课中词汇教学的改善

  168、On Jane Austen's View of Marriage in Emma论简奥斯汀在爱玛中的婚姻观

  169、On Love in The Count of Monte Cristo(新)《基督山伯爵》中的爱

  170、on market segmentaion, targeting, and positioning-case study市场细分、目标市场选择及市场定位-个案研究报告

  171、On Materialism in Babbitt and Vanity Fair论巴比特与名利场中的物质主义

  172、On Purity in a Corrupt World--An Analysis of Oliver Twister论腐朽世界中的纯洁品质--关于雾都孤儿的赏析

  173、On Reading Strategy Cultivation and Training in English Study试论英语学习中阅读策略的培养与训练

  174、On Taoism in Kung Fu Panda《功夫熊猫》中的道家思想

  175、On the Application of Politeness Principle in Business English Communication(新)礼貌原则在商毕业论文选题务英语交往中的应用研究

  176、On the Application of Pragmatic Principles in Business English浅析语用原则在商务英语中的应用

  177、On the Arts of Tragedy in Hardy's Works通过哈代作品,透析哈代的悲剧艺术

  178、On the battle between nature and civilization in James Fenimore Cooper's The Leatherstocking Tales从詹姆斯·菲尼莫·库伯的《皮袜子故事集》论自然与文明之争

  179、On the Character and Religious Belief?of Silas in The DA VINCI Code浅析《达芬奇密码》中塞拉斯的性格特点与宗教信仰

  180、On the Disillusionment of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby浅析《了不起的盖茨比》中美国梦的破灭

  181、On the fostering of language sense in middle school English teaching谈中学英语教学中语感的培养

  182、On the Handling of Long Sentences in Interpretation口译中的长句处理

  183、On the Humorous Effects Generated by Violating the Cooperative Principles - An Analysis of Friends通过违反合作原则从而产生幽默效果-以《老友记》为例

  184、On the Influence of Fossilization in Foreign Language Acquisition(新)论石化现象对外语习得的影响

  185、On the Language Features of English Public Service Advertisements试论英语公益广告的语言特点

  186、On the Lexical Features and Translation Skills of Business English Correspondence论商务英语函电的词汇特征及其翻译技巧

  187、On the Life Philosophy of Washington Irving Embodied in Rip Van Winkle《瑞普?凡?温克尔》中欧文的人生哲理

  188、On the Male Images in The Great Gatsby《了不起的盖茨比》中的男性形象分析

  189、On the Masculinism in 《My Last Duchess》简析《我已故的公爵夫人》中体现的男权主义

  190、on the Moral View in The Rise of the Silas Lapham论《塞拉斯·拉帕姆的发迹》中的道德观

  191、On the Nature of Civilization Embodied in Lord of the Flies论蝇王中的文明实质

  192、On the Quality of Project Translators from CRCC工程翻译员素质浅谈--以中国铁建股份有限公司为例

  193、On the Sophisticated Arrangements in The Great Gatsby浅谈《了不起的盖茨比》中精巧的情节安排

  194、On the Stream of?Consciousness Skills in The Sound and Fury论《繁华与骚动》中的写作方法

  195、On the Use of Games in the English-teaching of Primary School(新)论小学英语教学中的游戏法运用

  196、On Translating Chinese Neologisms浅析汉语新词的英译

  197、ON Translation of English Movie Titles浅析影片名的翻译

  198、On Translation of the Current Events and Politics Words about China by Western Medias西方媒体有关中国报道时政词汇翻译

  199、On Wowen's Social Status in Wuthering Heights论呼啸山庄中女性社会地位

  200、Penetrating the Change of Anglo-American Love Attitide through Literary Film从文艺片看西方人爱情观的变化

  201、Pound's Influence on Yeats'writing career(新)庞德对英国诗人叶芝写作生涯的影响

  202、Rebellion and Resistance of the Beatgeneration in Jack Kerouac's 《ON THE ROAD》《垮掉的一代》的反叛与抗争在杰克·凯鲁亚克《在路上》中的体现

  203、Reflection of Differences between Dieting Culture in English-Chinese Idioms中英习语中饮食文化差异探究

  204、Reflection of Transcendentalism inWalden超验主义在《瓦尔登湖》的体现

  205、Reflection on the Cultral Connotation of 《Death》 Euphemism《死亡》委婉语的文化内涵反思

  206、Reflection on the Slum Culture in _Slumdog Millionaire_从《贫民窟的百万富翁》看贫民窟文化

  207、Rhetorical Features in Political Speech--with a case study of Inaugural Speeches by Barack Obama & John F Kennedy政治演讲中的修辞手法探析--以奥巴马和肯尼迪的就职演说为例

  208、Rhetorical Features on Headlines of English Newspapers, Periodicals and Magazines(新)英文报刊杂志标题的修辞特点

  209、Similarities and Differences between Chinese and Western Cultures in Terms of Animal Slang--Exemplified by Dog and Cat(新)从动物俚语看中西方文化之异同--以狗、猫为例

  210、Sino-US Cultural Differences Reflected in the News Report(新)中美文化差异在新闻报论文题目的拟定道中的体现

  211、Social Conditions of Nineteenth Century England as Reflected in 《Middlemarch》从《米德尔马契》看19世纪英国社会状况

  212、Some problems in Chinese recipe translation and their solutions中文菜谱英译的一些问题及其解决办法

  213、Spirit Festival-Comparison between Halloween and Tombing-Sweeping Day鬼节-万圣节与清明节比较

  214、Symbolism in the Call of the Wild野性的呼唤中的象征主义

  215、Symbolism in The Lord of Flies《蝇王》中的象征主义

  216、The American Values Reflected by the Declaration of Independence?从《独立宣言》看美国价值观

  217、the American's Human Spirit and Values in Forest Gump浅析电影《阿甘正传》中的美国人文精神和价值观念

  218、The appeal of kongfu expressed in Hollywood movies好莱坞电影中所体现的中国功夫的魅力

  219、the Application of Second Language Acquisition to French as the Second Foreign Language for English Majors《二语习得理论在英语专业二外法语学习中的应用》

  220、The Application of the Word-formation Theory in the English Vocabulary Teaching in Middle Schools英语构词法在中学英语词汇教学中的应用

  221、The Automobile Culture in American Movies美国电影中的汽车文化

  222、The Boy Crisis in West and China中西方的男孩危机

  223、The Brief Analysis of the Values of Washington Irving Based On Rip Van Winkle从《瑞普·凡·温克尔》浅析华盛顿·欧文的价值观

  224、The Change of Male-female relationships in Oriental and Western Families论东西方家庭生活中男女关系的变化

  225、The Character of Emma艾玛人物形象分析

  226、The Comparative Study of Li Shutong's 《Farewell》 and Robert Burns's 《Auld Lang Syns》李叔同的《送别》与罗伯特?彭斯的《友谊地久天长》的对比研究

  227、The comparison of the usages between definite article and zero article定冠词和零冠词用法的比较

  228、The conciseness principle of tourist attractions Translation英语的简洁性原则在中国旅游景点翻译中的运用

  229、The Cultural Conflicts and Blending in Amy Tan's 《The Joy Luck Club》从谭恩美《喜福会》透视文化冲突与融合

  230、The Cultural Elements in the American Subprime Mortgage Crisis美国次贷危机背后的文化因素

  231、The Difference Between Chinese and Western Wedding Culture中西婚礼文化之差异

  232、The Differences Between Chinese and Western Wedding Culture中西方婚礼文化差异

  233、The Differences of Traditional Funeral Customs Between China and Western Countries浅析中西方传统葬礼习俗差异

  234、The Discussion of the Salvation of Humanity in Silas Marner(新)探讨织工马南传中人性的救赎

  235、The Effect of Language Transfer on English Writing of Chinese Students语言迁移现象对中国学生英语写作的影响

  236、The Embodiment of Allegory in The Pilgrim's Progress《天路历程》中讽喻的体现

  237、the English Teaching under the Multimedia Environment多媒体环境下的英语教学

  238、The Entertainment and Regularity in Translation of Movie English电影英语翻译的趣味性和规范性

  239、The Evolution of the Vampire Legend in Western Literature吸血鬼传说在西方文学中的演变

  240、The Idea of The West in The Grapes of Wrath(新)论《愤怒的葡萄》中的西部观念

  241、The ideal love in Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H.Lawrence(新)劳伦斯笔下的完美爱情

  242、The impact of Christianity on Americans论基督教对美国人的影响

  243、The Impacts of Thought Patterns on English Compositions by Chinese and Native College Students中西方思维对大学生英文写作的影响

  244、The importance and value of China English in the context of globalization全球化语境下中国英语的重要性和意义

  245、the importance of spiritural pursuit- on Jack London's Martin Eden精神追求的重要性-论杰克伦敦的马丁伊登

  246、the Influence of Body Language on Businiss Negotiation肢体语言对商务谈判的影响

  247、The Influence of Christian Viewpoint of Life and Death on the Western Culture基督教生死观对西方文化的影响

  248、The influence of the combination of computer teaching softwares and peripheral equipments on English teaching计算机教学软件与外围设备的配合使用对英语教学的影响

  249、The Influences of 《Hippies》 on American Society(新)嬉皮士文化对美国社会的影响

  250、The Influences of Western Culture on Chinese Customs(新)西方文化对中国风俗习惯的影响

  251、The lexical differences between English and Chinese from the impersonal and personal pespective(新)从物称和人称角度看英汉词法的差异

  252、The Local Color in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn《汤姆?索亚历险记》和《哈克贝利?费恩历险记》的乡土特色

  253、The Philosophy of Life in Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea海明威《老人与海》中的人生哲学

  254、The Pilgrim Soul in When You Are Old by Yeats(新)浅析《当你老了》中朝圣的灵魂--叶芝

  255、The primary analysis of how?zero-based parents help children with their early English learning浅谈英语零基础家长如何帮助儿童进行早期英语教育

  256、The Religious Thoughts Reflected in the English Proverbs英语谚语中折射的宗教思想

  257、The Restriction and Countermeasures of Oral English Teaching in Rural Primary school(新)农村小学英语口语教育的制约因素及对策

  258、The Revolution of Black Women in 20th Century Reflected in The Color Purple从紫色看20世纪黑人妇女革命

  259、The Sapir-Whorf Theory in My EyesSapir-Whorf 理论之我见

  260、The Study of Evasion in Chinese News Interviews;A Pragmatic Perspective中国新闻采访中回避策略的语用研究

  261、The Study of Washington Irving's Writing Style从瑞普凡温克尔看华盛顿欧文的写作风格

  262、The Superstitions in Chinese and Western Customs中西方婚俗中的迷信

  263、The Text Analysis of William Wilson《威廉·威尔逊》的文本解析

  264、The translation strategies of long sentences in Test for English Majors Band 8专业八级长句的翻译策略

  265、The Twisted Life of the Black under Racial Discrimination in Beloved透过《宠儿》看当时种族歧视下异化的黑人生活

  266、The Two Mothers in D. H. Lawrence's Sons and Lovers and The Rocking-Horse Winner劳伦斯的《儿子与情人》和《木马赢家》中的两位母亲

  267、The uses of irony and hyperbole in George Bernard Shaw's _Major Barbara_讽刺和夸张手法在乔治·萧伯纳的《芭芭拉上校》中的运用

  268、The Way to Seek for Ego:an Analysis on the Joy Luck Club寻找自我之路:浅析喜福会

  269、The Way to the Narrow Gate-Some Interpretations from The Pilgrim's Progress从《天路历程》略解通往窄门之路

  270、The?Influence of The Pilgrim's Progress on Alcott's Little Woman《天路历程》对奥尔科特的《小妇人》的影响

  271、Trademark Translation: From the Cross-Cultural Perspective从跨文化角度谈商标翻译

  272、Transformation of Parts of Speech in English-Chinese Translation英汉翻译中的词类转换

  273、Translating Address Forms in Dream of the Red mansion浅析《红楼梦》中的称谓翻译

  274、Translation of Chinese Dish Names浅谈中国菜名的翻译

  275、Translation of Special Chinese Terms中国特色时政词汇的翻译


  277、Yang Bi and Her Translation of Vanity Fair杨必和她所译的《名利场》

  278、政治性英语新闻标题翻译Translation of English Headlines on Politics

  279、A Brief Analysis of the Heroine Personality in Jane Eyre 《简爱》的主人翁个性分析

  280、A Brief Comment on O'Henry Short Stories 亨利的短篇小说述评

  281、A Comment on Hardy's Fatalism 评哈代的宿命论

  282、A Comparison between the Themes of Pilgrimage to the West and Pilgrim's Progress 《西游记》与《天路历程》主题的比较

  283、A Probe into the Feminist Idea of Jane Eyre 《简爱》男女平等思想的探索

  284、A Study of Native American Literature 美国本土文学的研究

  285、A Study of Student-Centered English Vocabulary Teaching 以学生为中心的英语词汇教学

  286、A Study of the Translation of Sports Terms 体育专有名词的翻译

  287、A Study of Transitional Words and Expressions 过渡词及表达法的研究

  288、About the Breaking of American Dream from the Great Gatsby 从《了不起的盖茨比》看美国梦的破碎

  289、About the Quality-oriented Education in English Language Teaching 英语教学中的素质教育

  290、About Transform of Parts of Speech in Translation 论翻译中词性的转换

  291、Application of English Idioms in Daily Life 英语习语在日常生活中的运用

  292、Body Language Difference in Meaning in Cross-cultural Communication 体态语在跨文化交际中的意义差异

  293、Characterization in Charles Dickens' Novels 狄更斯小说中的人物塑造

  294、Choice of Correct Words in Translation在翻译中如何准确选词

  295、Comment on Bernard Shaw's Dramatic Art 评肖伯纳的戏剧艺术

  296、Comparing First and Second Language Acquisitions 二语习得与母语的比较研究

  297、Cross-culture Failures by Chinese learners of English中国英语学习者跨文化交际中的误区

  298、Cultural Differences and Idiomatic Expressions in Translation 论翻译中的文化差异及习惯表达法

  299、Cultural Factors and Limitations in Translation 翻译的文化因素局限性

  300、Developing Students' Cultural Awareness through Foreign Language Teaching通过外语教学培养学生的文化意识

  301、Dialectics in Translation 翻译中的辩证法

  302、Differences between Audio-lingual Method and Functional Approach 听说法与交际法的区别

  303、Effects of Learner's Motivation in Foreign Language Learning外语学习中学习动机的影响

  304、English Classroom Teaching: Teacher-dominant or Student-centered 英语课堂教学--教师主宰还是学生中心

  305、Error Analysis in English Learning as a Foreign Language 英语学习中的错误分析研究

  306、Euphemistic Expressions in Foreign Affairs 外事用语中的委婉表达

  307、Features of Network English 网络英语的特点

  308、Food Culture in America and China 中美饮食文化比较

  309、How to Appreciate English Prose: Traditional and Modern Ways 如何欣赏英语散文--传统与现代方法比较

  310、Humor and Satire in Pride and Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》的幽默与讽刺

  311、Influence of Mark Twain's Works in China 马克吐温的作品在中国的影响

  312、Influence of Science and Technology on English Vocabulary 科学技术对英语词汇的影响

  313、Information Theory and Translation 信息论与翻译

  314、Inter-Translation of English and Chinese Proverbs 英汉谚语的互译

  315、Jane Austen and the Heroine in Pride and Prejudice 简奥丝丁和《傲慢与偏见》的女主人

  316、Lexical Gaps in Chinese and English Inter-Translation 英汉互译的词义差异

  317、Linguistic Features of Abraham Lincoln's Addresses 论林肯演说词的语言特征

  318、Linguistic Features of Business Contracts 商务合同的语言特征

  319、Linguistic Features of English Advertisements 英语广告的语言特征

  320、Linguistic Taboos in Chinese and English Languages 谈汉英语言中的禁忌现象

  321、Logical Fallacies in English Writing 英文写作中的逻辑谬误

  322、Metaphoric Expressions in Poem … 论《》诗中的暗喻

  323、Methods and Procedures in Language Teaching 语言教学的方法及过程

  324、Needs Analysis of Language Learners 语言学习者的需求分析

  325、On Attitudes and Motivation in Second Language Learning 论第二语言学习的态度及动机

  326、On Charles Dickens Style in … 论狄更斯的《…》中的语言风格

  327、On Teacher-Learner Classroom Communication 论教师与学生之间的课堂交流

  328、On the Character of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice 论《威尼斯商人》中的人物夏洛克

  329、On the Criteria of Translation 议翻译标准

  330、On the Development of Jane Eyre's Character 论简爱的性格发展

  331、On the Feasibility of Communicative Approach in China 谈交际法在中国的可行性

  332、On the Functions of Ambiguity in English 论英语歧义的功能

  333、On the Humour of Mark Twain 马克吐温的幽默观

  334、On the Importance of Translation Theory 翻译理论的重要性

  335、On the Learning Strategy of English as a Foreign language 谈英语的学习策略

  336、On the Linguistic Features of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 《哈克贝利费恩历险记》的语言特点

  337、On the Poetry of Robert Frost (-) 评议弗罗斯特的诗歌

  338、On the Poetry of William Wordsworth (-) 评议沃兹沃斯的诗歌

  339、On the Principles for Translation 浅议翻译原则

  340、On the Relations of Basic Language Skills 基本语言技能的关系

  341、On the Similarities and Differences of the Speeches by Elder and Younger Bush 论老布什、小布什语言风格的异同

  342、On the Style of Withering Heights 《呼啸山庄》的文体分析

  343、On the Tragedy of Loman's Family in Death of A Salesman 《推销员之死》中罗曼一家的悲剧

  344、On the Vividness and Images in Poem … 论《…》诗文的生动性与比喻

  345、On the Words and Expressions Belittling the Female 蔑视女性的词汇和表达法

  346、On the Writing / Translation of Foreign Trade Contracts 论涉外经济合同写作/翻译

  347、On Translation of Computer Terms 论计算机的术语翻译

  348、On Translation of Tourist Guide 论旅游指南的翻译

  349、On Translation of Trade Names and Names of Export Commodities 论商标、出口商品名称的翻译

  350、On TS Eliot's Mythological Consciousness 论艾略特的神话意识

  351、On Winston Churchill's Prose Writing 评邱吉尔的散文写作

  352、Parallelism in English英语中的排比现象

  353、Personality Factors to the Success of Foreign Language Learning 个性因素在外语学习中的作用

  354、Points of View and the Mode of Discourse in Vanity Fair 论《名利场》的观点及言语方式

  355、Politeness and Indirect Speech Acts 礼貌与间接言语行为

  356、Pragmatic Failures in the Cross-cultural Communication 跨文化交际中的语用失误

  357、Professional Skills for Foreign Language Teachers in Chinese Middle Schools 中国中学外语教师的专业技能

  358、Relations of Speed and Understandability in Reading Comprehension 阅读理解中速度与理解性之间的关系

  359、Relationship between … Theory and Language Research 论…理论与语言研究的关系

  360、Relationship of Age to SLA (Second Language Acquisition) 论年龄与第二语言习得的关系

  361、Rhetorical and Narrative Devices in A Farewell to Arms 《永别了,武器》的修辞与描写手法

  362、Scarlet and Black in The Scarlet Letter 《红字》中的红与黑

  363、Semantic Analysis of Nominalization in EST 科技英语名词化语义分析

  364、Sex Differentiation and Sexism in English Language 论英语中的性别现象及性别歧视

  365、Similarities and Dissimilarities of British and American English论英式英语和美式英语的异同

  366、Social Context in the Foreign Language Teaching and Learning 外语教学中的社会语境

  367、Study of 《Hemingway Style》 论《海明威风格》

  368、Symbolism in Idiomatic Expressions 论习语中的象征手法

  369、Syntactical Features of Business English 谈商务英语写作的句法特征

  370、Syntax in John Milton's Paradise Lost 弥尔顿的《失乐园》的句法探讨

  371、Techniques of Theme Production in Wuthering Heights 《呼啸山庄》主题的表现手法

  372、The Application of Communicative Approach Techniques in Modern Foreign Language Teaching and Learning 交际法的教学手段在现代外语教学中的运用

  373、The Characteristics of Computer Language Vocabulary 计算机语言词汇的特点

  374、The Cognitive and Affective Factors in Task-based English Teaching英语任务型教学中的认知和情感因素

  375、The E/C Translation of Metaphors 暗喻的英汉翻译

  376、The Function of Grammar in English Study 英语学习中语法的功能

  377、The Influence of L on the Learning of a Foreign Language 母语对外语学习的影响

  378、The Influence of Wars on American Literature 战争对美国文学的影响

  379、The Linguistic Charms of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer 《汤姆索亚历险记》的语言魅力

  380、The Negation in Translation 论正说反译和反说正译

  381、The Role of Grammatical Rules in English Language Learning 语法规则在英语学习中的地位

  382、The Significance of Communicative Competence in Foreign Language Testing 外语测试中交际能力的重要性

  383、The Theory of 《Dynamic Equivalence》 and its Application in E/C Translation 等效翻译理论及其在英汉翻译中的应用

  384、The Translation of Proper Names 专有名词的翻译

  385、The Understanding and Translation of Attributive Clause 定语从句的理解与翻译

  386、The Use of Nouns in English 英语中名词的使用

  387、The Ways of Expressing Emphatic Ideas in English 英语中强调语气的表达方式

  388、Thomas Hardy and his Tess of the D'Urbervilles 哈代和他的《苔丝》

  389、Translation of Rhetoric Devices in EST (English for Science and Technology) 论科技英语中修辞格的翻译方法

  390、Translation Techniques of Idioms and Slangs 成语、俚语的翻译技巧

  391、Translation Techniques of Proverbs, Loanwords and Colloquialisms 谚语、外来语和俗语的翻译技巧





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